Welcome to My Voice for Corvus Energy
– our global whistleblower gate

We wish to acquire knowledge regarding information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical, or not correct within within the organisation. We are grateful that you wish to notify us, and as a responsible employer we wish to do our best to handle the case and to prevent this from happening in the future.

As an employee in a full or part time position, as an apprentice, student or intern you have a right – and sometimes are required – to whistleblow.

With blameworthy conditions, we’re referring to:

  • Breach of laws or rules
  • Breach of the organisations ethical guidelines
  • Breach of ethical norms

For example, a blameworthy situation can be: economical crime, enivornmental crime, breach of health and environment rules, harassment and and condititions which implies danger to life and health.

Consequences against the employee who whistleblows is forbidden, and when you whistleblow with your own identify you have in accordance with the working environment act a right to be protected, and can be entitled to compensation if any reprisal should take place.

You can chose to be anonymous. In this case you will be automatically given a username and password so that you at a later date can log in to see the status of your case and securely communicate with your case manager/advisor. You can at any point chose to identify yourself.