Prinsesse Benedikte, Ferry

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World’s first 1000+PAX hybrid ferry

The Prinsesse Benedikte is a hybrid electric ferry powered by Corvus Energy’s advanced Energy Storage System (ESS) that was commissioned for retrofit in Copenhagen, Denmark by Scandlines, May 2013. The Prinsesse Benedikte ferry refit represents a successful conversion of a former diesel-electric ferry to a battery hybrid vessel and a major advance in green ferry transportation. The Prinsesse Benedikte now has over 10,000 operating hours on her since the ESS installation.

The AT6500 modules fitted to the Prinsesse Benedikte, can recharge in 30 minutes from onboard generator power, and can propel the 14,822 ton ship for about 30 minutes on battery power alone. This commissioning is a significant milestone because it represents the world’s largest hybrid propulsion marine energy storage system (ESS) ever installed at 2.6MWh and an important early success in the operational implementation of marine battery hybrid technology.

Corvus Energy Storage System ESS specifications:
Pack: 399 x 6.5kWh
Capacity: 2.6MWh
Bus Voltage: 932VDC
Partners: Scandlines, Siemens

Puttgarden-Rødby Route

Prinsesse Benedikte transports  up to 364 vehicles/multiple trains and 1140 passengers on the 18 km voyage between Rødbyhavn, Denmark and Puttgarden, Germany. The vessel is be able to travel on electric power alone while in harbour.

Corvus Energy Storage System ESS Benefits:

  • Storage system has a ten year design life while improving safety and reliability of the entire vessel.
  • The lifespan of the powerful battery packs delivers a rapid return on investment, less than 5 years.
  • Load-leveling: helping the diesel generators by allowing continuous operation in the most efficient power band, with the ESS
    providing extra power when necessary and storing energy when the generator load demand is low.
  • Blackout prevention: fault ride-through


  • Significantly increase safety and reliability, including blackout prevention
  • Reduce maintenance costs of existing systems and generators
  • Significantly reduce fuel consumption, in excess of 1M kg per year
  • Significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and scrubber system size for ECA compliance
  • Charge in 30 minutes by onboard generator power
  • Provide Black Start capability for entire ship, running vessel up to 30 minutes on battery power.

Corvus’ AT6500 modular lithium polymer energy storage packs are capable of sustained output of large amounts of power, comparable to a diesel engine. The modules allow vessel system integrators and designers an alternative source of high energy, creating the opportunity to redesign systems to reduce complexity and costs throughout the vessel.

Prinsesse Benedikte - Corvus ESS 2.6 MWh installation