Marine Integration Firm ACEL Selects Corvus Energy Orca ESS

Norwegian based ACEL will begin integrating Orca ESS technology for merchant, naval and offshore applications

Richmond, B.C – October 10, 2016 – ACEL AS of Norway has ordered an Orca Energy, Energy Storage System (ESS) from Corvus Energy to begin integration testing for uses across multiple maritime applications. Orca Energy is part of the next generation Orca ESS product line from Corvus which is specifically designed for maritime use.

The ACEL Group consists of several companies with strong electrical expertise and professional resources in the field of offshore platform service vessels, including new builds, servicing and conversions. Utilizing Corvus Energy’s Orca ESS solution for the power and propulsion systems will improve efficiency, reduce the exhaust emissions and lower maintenance and capital costs of these vessels.

“We are thrilled to be working with fellow Norwegian organization ACEL and have them as one of our early customers for the new, advanced Orca Energy ESS.” said Roger Rosvold, Norwegian-based sales manager for Corvus. “ACEL is a leading global integrator of systems for the merchant, naval and offshore marine markets and Corvus looks forward to working with them to integrate Orca ESS solutions into their projects.”

“ACEL selected Corvus based on their innovative leadership in the marine ESS market which is proven by the performance capabilities, safety and design of their new Orca ESS,” said Hans-Tore Jenssen, Department Manager Power System, ACEL.  “We look forward to utilizing the Orca ESS to add significant value to our marine projects well into the future.”

As the leading manufacturer of energy storage systems for maritime applications, Corvus designed and built the Orca ESS solutions portfolio based on the experience from 50+ projects utilizing a Corvus ESS, totaling over 35MWh and 1 million operating hours. Rather than a single product, the Orca ESS product line delivers a range of products which are designed to meet the needs of various marine customers. Orca Energy is ideal for applications that require large amounts of energy such as ferries and merchant vessels, while Orca Power has been designed for applications that require a seamless response to dynamic power loads such as offshore supply vessels and port equipment.

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