ORCA ENERGY: Datasheet
THE WORLD’S MOST ADVANCED MARITIME ESS (ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEMS). Designed and built specifically for the maritime industry, the
Orca ESS product line from Corvus Energy represents the future of maritime ESS solutions. Corvus combined its industry leading research &
development capabilities and knowledge gained from having the largest global installed base of ESS solutions, to build the industry’s safest, most
reliable, highest-performing and most cost-effective maritime ESS product line, which includes: Orca Energy and Orca Power.

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Download – ORCA ENERGY: Datasheet



Corvus Energy CASE STUDY_Norled Ampere_JUNE 2015-1Norled AS, MF Ampere

The World’s First All-Electric Car Ferry is a revolutionary vessel powered by a lightweight Corvus Energy System. The Ampere is also the first of its kind to incorporate high power shore charging using Corvus Energy’s liquid-cooled ESS technology.

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Download – MF Ampere Case Study




Corvus Energy CASE STUDY_Edda Ferd_JUNE 2015-1Østensjø Rederi, Edda Ferd, PSV

The Edda Ferd is a platform supply vessel used to support oil rig operations in the North Sea. A new build, the Østensjø Edda Ferd has been designed with a focus on quality, safety and efficiency. This is the first integration of a Corvus Energy ESS and Siemens’ BlueDrive PlusC propulsion system.

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Download – Edda Ferd, PSV Case Study




Corvus Energy CASE STUDY_Viking Lady_May 2015-1Eidesvik Offshore, Viking Lady OSV

Viking Lady, is designed to safely service offshore installations in the extremely harsh waters of the North Sea. She is the first commercial offshore vessel to validate ESS performance technology.

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Download – Viking Lady Case Study




Corvus Energy CASE STUDY_Princesse Benedikte_MAY 2015-1Prinsesse Benedikte

The Prinsesse Benedikte the World’s first 1000+PAX hybrid ferry and is powered by Corvus Energy’s advanced Energy Storage System (ESS). She was commissioned for retrofit in Copenhagen, Denmark, representing a successful conversion of a former diesel-electric ferry to a battery hybrid vessel and a major advance in green ferry transportation.

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Download – Prinsesse Benedikte Case Study



Corvus Energy CASE STUDY_RT ADRIAAN_ MAY 2015-1RT Adriaan

RT Adriaan is Europe’s first hybrid tugboat and is a retrofit hybrid that retains full propulsion capacity from her diesel driveline. Hybrid mode is used in vessel assist, on and off dock, light transit and loitering.

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Download – RT Adriaan Case Study




Coruvs Energy _ RTG Crane thumbnailHybrid Rubber Tired Gantry  RTG Cranes

Corvus Energy and integrators CCCC Shanghai Equipment Engineering have completed several retrofits of diesel Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) cranes into diesel and LNG-battery hybrid RTGs. RTGs are used at container terminals and container storage yards to straddle multiple lanes of rail/road and container storage. RTGs typically rely on a constant speed diesel generator for power generation.

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Download – RTG Cranes Case Study



Corvus Energy_Containerized Solution_thumbnailContainerized Solution

  • Plug & Play: simple interface on external container wall
  • Scalable ESS, tailored to vessel operational profile
  • Compatible with Corvus air-cooled or liquid-cooled technology
  • Battery racking, ventilation and fire-suppression fixtures included
  • Meets all Class requirements for ESS and container
  • Available in standard shipping container sizes 20ft to 45ft (Magnum)
  • Power Electronics: Corvus can also provide container space for power electronics

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Download – Corvus Energy Containerized Solution

Corvus Energy Services_thumbnailCorvus Energy Services

  • Technical Support
  • Spare Parts
  • Extended Warranty
  • Field Service
  • Training
  • Upgrades
  • Consulting
  • Concierge Service Agreement

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Download – Corvus Energy Services[/vc_column_text]