LG Chem Expands Business Areas from Electric Vehicle to Electric Ship

19 April 2016 – 10:30am
Jung Min-hee
Viking, Eidesvik's Hybrid supply vessel, sports battery made by LG Chem

Viking, Eidesvik’s Hybrid supply vessel, sports battery made by LG Chem

Battery for Electric Ship
LG Chem, the world’s leading manufacturer of advanced lithium-ion batteries, has signed a contract with a global energy firm specializing in hybrid ships to supply its batteries, accelerating the market dominance.

According to industry sources on Apr. 18, the company signed the supply deal for maritime hybrid batteries with Canada-based energy firm Corvus Energy at the end of last month.

Corvus Energy, which installs and manages the hybrid marine energy storage systems (ESS), has provided a total of 30MW lithium ion battery energy storage for vessels up to now. An official from Corvus Energy said, “Until now, we have installed our ESS in 50 ships across the world and we are planning to unveil ships with LG Chem’s lithium-ion batteries by the end of this year.”

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