Holiday Greetings

Another year is almost over, and we are ready for Christmas and New Year celebration with family and friends. 

Despite of Covid-19 restrictions, 2021 has been another great year for Corvus Energy.  Our work to power a clean future has continued with full speed ahead.  Focus on decarbonisation of the ocean space has increased and 2021 became a turning point for the industry. We see the large cargo owners like Amazon, IKEA and Unilever being inpatient and would like to be carbon neutral in 2040. The IMO’s Secretary General said during the COP 26 Glasgow: “We must upgrade our ambition, keeping up with the latest developments of the global community”.  Jan Dieleman, president of ocean transport with the business giant Cargill, one of the world’s biggest ship charterers, said “the real challenge is to turn any statement (at COP26) into something meaningful”. “The majority of the industry has accepted we need to decarbonise, “.

In Corvus Energy we will continue to develop the solutions needed to meet these targets. We have trough 2021 progressed well with our fuel cell development. The first modules are already on the shop floor at our Bergen facility and we expect to sign the first pilot projects shortly with delivery time in 2023.   

We are humbled and proud of the thrust the customers around the world show to us. Our battery system contract numner 500 was signed in 2021 – a zero-emission harbour tug of Robert Allan design to be built by Sanmar Shipyards to serve Canada’s Kitimat LNG project for operator is HaiSea Marine.

Most of the Corvus batteries are now connected to our cloud service. We have through 2021 continued to develop our digital services which enables us to closely monitor the performance of the batterysystems. Our 4.000.000 running hours across the globe gives us a unique insight and enables us to develop and deliver the safest and most reliable solutions to our customers.   

When we are entering 2022 we are optimistic for the year to come even if we know there will be challenges related to supply chain and increased shipping time. We have a strong team focusing on reducing these risks together with our suppliers. Travel restrictions and quarantine will cause problems also in the months to come, but with our digital solutions and dedicated service team around the world, we will manage to serve our customers well.   

A big thanks to all our customers and partners for your strong support and for your efforts to decarbonise the shipping world. We look forward to our continued cooperation in 2022 to power a clean future together.  

On behalf of the entire Corvus family I wish you all a safe and healthy Christmas and New Year celebration!  

Geir Bjørkeli 

Chief Executive Officer 

Corvus Energy