First tugboat to receive ABS Underwater Noise Notation for ultra quite operations is powered by a Corvus system.

HaiSea Marine’s fully electric tugboat, the HaiSea Wamis, is now the first tugboat to receive an Underwater Noise Notation (UWN) from the American Bureau of Shipping.

The HaiSea Wamis fully electric ElectRA 2800 tugboat. Photo credit: HaiSea Marine.

Ultra-low Noise Levels with Battery Power

The battery electric propulsion system onboard the HaiSea Wamis, an ElectRA 2800 battery-electric tug, considerably reduces noise and vibrations. The Wamis is so quiet that it would take 10x ElectRA running side-by-side to produce the same underwater noise as a single conventional diesel tug. These results demonstrate the potential for battery electric tugs to significantly reduce underwater radiated noise in harbours around the world.

Fully electric tugboat fleet

The HaiSea Wamis was designed by Robert Allan Ltd and built by Sanmar for HaiSea Marine, a joint venture majority owned by the Haisla Nation in partnership with Seaspan ULC.

The Wamis is the first in a series of Sanmar-built ElectRA 2800 battery-electric tugs. To date, three HaiSea fully electric tugboats, the Wamis, Wee’git, and the Brave, have arrived in Vancouver. Later this year, the fleet will be deployed to provide ship-assist and escort towing services to LNG carriers at LNG Canada’s new export facility in Kitimat in the traditional territory of the Haisla Nation.

Powered by Corvus Energy

The fully electric, ElectRA 2800 tugboats are each equipped with a Corvus Energy battery energy storage system with a total battery capacity of 5288 kWh– which is the equivalent of running about 70 Teslas all day.

More Information
View the full press release from Seaspan linked below.