Sizing the right ESS

How to know which battery installation is the right fit for your ship? The key element in assuring the most optimal solution for the battery installation is to understand the ship’s load profile. 

How does the ship operate, how much power is required, how many combustion engines are there and how can these be run most optimally?

If it is a zero-emission vessel we advise on the size according to your specific requirements.

Battery sizing

Undersized battery systems will result in performance problems towards the end of the desired product lifetime. An oversized battery installation will unnecessarily increase the project cost.

Our technical sales team has calculated more than 10 000 load profiles for a broad range of electric and hybrid vessels in addition to other maritime applications. We understand how to size a battery for the specific requirements of each customer.

Research and development

No other battery industry has the same focus on lifetime as the maritime ESS segment.

Corvus Energy participates in a series of research and development projects in collaboration with customers, research institutes and other industry partners. Together we push the research front in order to continuously improve tools for lifetime modeling, State-of-Health monitoring, and safe operation.