Corvus Energy to Deliver Battery Solutions to Cut Emissions in Chinese Ports

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Corvus Energy to Deliver Battery Solutions to Cut Emissions in Chinese Ports

Corvus Energy’s Orca ESS to Power Multiple Hybrid RTG Cranes at Changshu Port

Richmond, BC – April 13, 2017 – Corvus Energy is pleased to announce that it will provide Orca Energy lithium-ion energy storage systems (ESS) for four hybrid rubber-tired gantry cranes (RTGs) for CCCC Shanghai Equipment Engineering (CCCCSEE). The RTGs are the first of many cranes at the Chinese Port of Changshu to undergo a diesel to battery hybrid conversion using a Corvus Orca ESS.

Corvus Energy will supply its latest generation ESS, Orca Energy, for the retrofit of four RTGs that will be converted to battery hybrid-electric cranes by integrator CCCCSEE. Unlike conventional diesel electric port cranes, the hybrid version is powered primarily from the Orca Energy ESS resulting in fuel savings of up to 65% with the added benefits of reduced operating costs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and lower noise levels at the terminal. This order represents the first port equipment order to leverage the industry leading performance, safety, reliability and cost effectiveness of the Orca Energy ESS.

“This latest order from CCCCSEE for the Port of Changshu, once again proves the viability of energy storage for the hybridization of industrial equipment such as port cranes. The design and performance of Orca Energy enables the ESS to support aggressive load profiles with a significant reduction in cost.” says Sean Puchalski, Vice President Strategic Marketing of Corvus Energy. “With dozens of RTGs now using a Corvus Energy ESS, Corvus technology continues to be the answer for progressive port operators worldwide, who seek to increase efficiencies while reducing emissions and the environmental impact of their operations.”

“Corvus has positively shifted the economics and viability of converting diesel port equipment to battery hybrid-electric with Orca Energy. Exceeding all requirements and expectations with Orca Energy ESS, Corvus technology is a solid cornerstone of our advanced technology solutions strategy and the proven performance, durability and reliability of its battery systems is ideally suited to the demands of our industrial applications,” said Gao Jianzhong, Chief Engineer, CCCCSEE.

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