Corvus Energy Earns Accolades for its Role in Clean Energy Adoption

Corvus Energy has been named a finalist in the BC Tech Association’s Technology Impact Awards in two categories: Excellence in Product Innovation and Adoption of Technology along with Seaspan Ferries Corporation.

We are seeing a welcome interest and increasing commitment—particularly in Scandinavian countries and recently in Canada—towards cleaner energy sources for marine propulsion systems.

Driven largely by forward-thinking government agencies and visionary vessel owners and shipbuilders, fleets of diesel-powered drives are being retrofitted or replaced with hybrid or fully electric propulsion. The result is reduced combustion of diesel fuel, lower CO2 and other GHG emissions, less particulate air pollution, and quieter operation. “The vision of sustainable energy is core to Corvus Energy’s corporate mission,” says Corvus Energy president and CEO, Andrew Morden. “We are thrilled to be recognized as leaders in this movement.”

Corvus Energy battery systems have been integral to the designs of numerous first-ever and award-winning hybrid and electric marine vessels. Corvus Energy is proud to have collaborated with the following companies to showcase a variety of environmentally progressive energy solutions:

Seaspan Ferries – Canada. Two Seaspan cargo ferries are the first dual-fuel Diesel/LNG and battery energy storage hybrid ferries outside of Europe. Corvus Energy battery systems are used for spinning reserve and power for responsive harbour maneuvering. The innovative hybrid propulsion system reduces fossil fuel emissions and greatly improves operational efficiency and safety. Corvus Energy and Seaspan are finalists in the category of Adoption of Technology for the 2017 BC Technology Impact Awards.
Read the Seaspan press release

Norled – Norway: The world’s first battery-driven, zero-emissions car ferry replaces a conventional diesel-powered ferry that consumed one million liters of diesel fuel annually and produced roughly 2,680 tonnes of CO2 and 37 tonnes of nitrogen oxides annually. The project earned the prestigious title of Ship of the Year awarded by Norwegian trade journal Skipsrevyen. Corvus Energy provides propulsion and house power, as well as shore charging stations.
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Scandlines – Denmark: Corvus Energy has become the standard electric battery power solution for the Scandlines fleet of hybrid ferries. Fuel consumption has been reduced to almost one third per crossing per car. Fini Hansen, Technical Superintendent, Fleet Management at Scandlines Denmark, says, “The system reduces the vessels’ pollution impact while in port, improves fuel efficiency and extends the life of the diesel drivelines by a factor of three.”
Read the Scandlines case study

Østensjø Rederi – Norway: Corvus Energy batteries are used in two offshore oil drilling platform supply vessels—Edda Ferd and Edda Freya—to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by allowing the vessel’s diesel generator to operate at optimal efficiency. The North Sea platform supply vessel was awarded the prestigious Environmental Award by Offshores Support Journal.
Read the Østensjø Rederi case study