Corvus Energy announces industry-defining lithium-ion battery system

Mon, 02/01/2016 – 12:47 — Paul Crompton
Andrew_Morden CEO Corvus Energy

Andrew Morden, Corvus Energy President & CEO

Energy storage system manufacturer Corvus Energy has received industry validation of its flagship AT6500 lithium-ion energy storage product platform. 

The Canadian firm will now rename the product AT6700 to reflect the validated energy capacity of 6.7kWh.

It comes after a testing programme with the Laboratory of Alternative Energy Conversion (LAEC) at Simon Fraser University, North America, and its on-going monitoring of its deployed systems.

Corvus’ industrial lithium-ion batteries are used in the maritime industry, in ferries, tugs, offshore supply vessels and port cranes.

The Corvus AT6700 has a 10C peak discharge and 3C indefinite RMS rating.

Andrew Morden, President & CEO of Corvus Energy, said: “Actively listening to our customers regarding their operational needs drove the testing programme and the continuous improvement of the AT6500, now available as AT6700.

“We will continue our industry-leading innovation with the introduction of our next-generation lithium ESS products later this year.”

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