Containerized Energy Storage System

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Corvus Containerized ESS_Viking Lady3
Corvus Containerized ESS_Viking Lady1
Corvus Containerized ESS_Viking Lady3

Containerized ESS Benefits:

• Reduce vessel offhire for conversion
• Accelerate project schedules
• Minimize project complexity for the shipyard
• Simplify propulsion system integration
• One point of responsibility for the entire battery room
• Enhanced Safety – Incorporates industry leading thermal event management design

Battery Room in a Box

  • Scalable ESS, tailored to vessel operational profile
  • Compatible with either Corvus air-cooled or liquid-cooled technology
  • Battery racking, ventilation and fire-suppression fixtures included
  • Meets all Class requirements for ESS and container
  • Available in standard shipping container sizes from 20ft to 45ft (Magnum)


  • Simple interface on external container wall
  • Connect power, communications, ventilation & water for fire suppression

Power electronics:

  • Corvus can also provide a container or container space for power electronics needed for a conversion.

20' Container Configuration

  • STD 20ft Container, 546 kWh
  • 2 man doors, 650 kWh

40' Container Configuration

  • Battery Only, 1365 kWh
  • Battery & Power Electronics, 819 kWh
Sample ESS Placement 20'
Sample ESS Placement 20'
  1. Corvus-Containerized-ESS_20ft-placement11
  2. Corvus-Containerized-ESS_20ft-placement21
Sample ESS Placement 40'
Sample ESS Placement 40'
  1. Corvus-Containerized-ESS_40ft-placement11
  2. Corvus-Containerized-ESS_40ft-placement21