5 Remarkable Features of an Award-Winning Marine ESS

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5 Remarkable Features of an Award-Winning Marine ESS

5 Remarkable Features of an Award-Winning Marine ESS

Winning ‘Innovation of the Year’ at the 2017 Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo, the Corvus Energy lithium-ion-based Orca ™energy storage system (ESS) stands out amongst other ESSs. “Battery technology is at the heart of electric and hybrid marine propulsion technology. Corvus is a true leader in this area,” said awards panel judge Martyn Lasek, editor, Ship & Bunker.

Below are highlights of the five key performance areas in which Corvus Energy’s Orca ESS excel:

  1. Two optimized platforms—Orca Energy and Orca Power. With two design platforms optimized for either high energy or high power, the right ESS characteristics can be matched to the operational profile of each particular application. Often, ESS system costs can be half that of a mismatched system. Learn more…
  2. Unparalleled energy density. Corvus Energy works closely with its battery cell manufacturer to take advantage of cells with extremely high energy density while not compromising safety. Orca Energy offers a compact design packing 1.6 MWh in volume equivalent to a 20’ container. As such, Orca Energy can delivers clean energy capacity at a low cost per kWh improving affordability for electric or hybrid-electric ferries, tug boats, cruise ships, yachts. Learn more…
  3. Highest C-Rate in the industry. Orca Power is designed for seamless response to dynamic power loads, to deliver power quickly and efficiently to port cranes, charging stations, and offshore supply, exploration and production vessels at an attractive $/kW. Orca Power can discharge at peak rates of 15C and continuous rates of 10C, rates that simply cannot be attained by any other ESS supplier in the industry. Learn more…
  4. Ease of installation and commissioning. Considerable design innovation went into making Orca ESS safe and quick to install. Its sleek, modular design has reduced installation connection and commissioning times are reduced by 80% and installation costs by up to 50%. In many cases, there is also significant cost saving in setting up the battery room, with simplified sprinkler, ventilation, and class/flag approvals. Learn more…
  5. Safest in the industry. Corvus Energy is the only supplier to carry DNV, Lloyd’s Register, ABS and BV product Type Approvals and its Orca ESS exceeds Class/Flag standards. Safety features include cell-level thermal runaway isolation, thermal management with remote monitoring capabilities, and improved electrical safety. Learn more…

These are just highlights. In subsequent weeks, we will provide more detail on each of these five topics to help explain why, since the launch of Orca ESS a year ago, Corvus has won over 2 dozen new projects totalling over 15MWh that will utilize Orca ESS.

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